Web address changed successfully

In a process that started Friday morning, Oct. 26 and continued through Saturday evening, Oct. 27, our website address was changed from https://uuchurch.net to https://uucomo.org. Church emails also now use the extension “@uucomo.org.”

Many thanks to hostmaster Jim Hermann and UUCC friend Camden Daily, who did the technical heavy lifting to make the change. Jim is a UU in the St. Louis area whose server hosts a number of UU church websites including ours. Camden works in the computer technology field, and he and his wife and children recently began attending UUCC.

Re-directs have been set up so that if you forget and go to the old website address, you will automatically be sent to the current address, and if you send email to an old address, it will automatically go to the current address.

Our old website address was an inspired choice when our website was started many years ago (uuchurch.org was already being used by another church). However, “dot-net” domains were originally intended for use by internet service providers, and that has made our site an attractive target for hackers hoping to gain control of what they assume is an ISP because it would open the door to all sorts of spam and other online mischief. Our hostmaster Jim tells us that because of our dot-net domain name, our site experienced far more attacks than the many other sites he hosts. To date the security software on our site had protected us, but it was no absolute guarantee. Also, the volume of attacks occasionally slowed the response time of our site and other sites hosted on the same server.

For these reasons, Rev. Molly approved changing our web domain to uucomo.org. She also feels the new address is more descriptive of our church.

Please do not hesitate to contact our website administrator, Steve Scott, by email if you have questions or problems resulting from the domain name change.