President’s Perspective – and suddenly, the holidays are upon us

By Barbara Rupp, 2018-19 President

Fall has been busy for so many of us, both with activities in our homes and work, and activities here at the church. Sometimes, especially as colder weather moves in, it’s ever-so-tempting to avoid yet another commitment and to curl up at home with a good book or good movie, and sometimes that nesting behavior is needed for our own mental and physical health! Still, assuming you are well and able, I hope you’ll find the energy to plunge into some important things going on at our church in the coming weeks and months.

By the time you see this, the Building Needs Task Force will have held two informational meetings at the church. I hope you were able to attend one of them. If not, I hope you will reach out to someone on the task force to learn more about the efforts to prioritize many needed updates to the church facility. This group continues to put in untold hours in efforts to make sure the congregation has as much information as possible before voting on proposals that will affect all of us, and they are more than willing to share the information they have gathered with you. Members of the task force are Larry Lile, Keven Fritsche, Jeremy Bossaller and Gretchen Maune. I have also recently joined the task force.

Members of our congregation are involved in a wide variety of worthy social causes within our community and beyond. I saw a list recently that included more than two dozen organizations, and I doubt that it was complete. So, by mentioning the following two projects, I by no means intend to diminish the importance of all of the others. I suspect these two things come to mind because of winter and the holiday season. These two particular service projects are the monthly Loaves and Fishes and the annual Room at the Inn. The first provides a hot meal to large numbers in our community who depend on that service and who have the misfortune of food insecurity. The second provides a warm, safe shelter for homeless on the coldest winter nights. Both are worthy efforts that cannot be sustained without volunteers from our congregation. Your efforts toward either or both would be much appreciated by many.

My holiday wish is for you all to have a healthy, safe holiday and the good fortune to be surrounded by loved ones.

Good cheer to all! Barbara