UUA joins effort to block evangelicals’ “Project Blitz”

The Unitarian Universalist Association has joined 42 other national organizations in opposition to “Project Blitz,” a coordinated national effort to enshrine Christian nationalism in state laws across the country. Project Blitz promotes a three-tiered framework of legislation aimed at incrementally redefining religious freedom and tearing down the separation of church and state, with each tier laying the groundwork for the next.

The 116-page Project Blitz “playbook” has been distributed to about 750 state legislators nationwide. View the playbook.

In 2019 Missouri appears to be one of the states where the first tier of the evangelical effort is being promoted – House Concurrent Resolution 13 and Senate Concurrent Resolution 13, which are identical, urge teaching Bible classes in public high schools with language that mirrors many of the points outlined on page 30 of the Project Blitz playbook.

On Jan. 28, President Donald Trump tweeted support for Project Blitz’s push to have “Bible literacy” classes taught in public schools.

For more information about Project Blitz and the organizations opposing it, see: