Green Sanctuary Team news

In April Green Sanctuary Team members will be bringing a bit of nature into the sanctuary each Sunday to remind us all that we are part of an interconnected web of life that includes flowering plants, which bring us joy and beauty. Take a moment to notice the gifts of nature! Please join us for our annual service on April 28 to consider our place in that web.

We continue our partnership with the Missouri Rural Crisis Center (MRCC) to try to protect water and air in Missouri. Large confinement animal operations from Iowa and Illinois are looking to move to Missouri, having polluted the groundwater and created problems with disease and antibiotic resistance there. The only tool Missouri’s rural residents have to minimize these impacts is the county-level health ordinances adopted by about 20 counties in Missouri. Unfortunately, the legislature is moving to make those self-determined protections illegal. If you are interested in protecting water and air in Missouri, or are interested in animal welfare issues, or in the quality of life of our rural neighbors, check out the GS bulletin board for more information.

Some of us participated in a Lobby Day at the capitol last month. There is another scheduled April 29, and we would welcome other UU participants! You can also help by donating to the Faith-to-Action collection benefiting MRCC at the April 28 service.

Want to learn more and get involved? Our next meeting will be at the church from 7 to 8:30 p.m. April 4.