Stewardship update – we did it!

From Rev. Molly, with Stewardship Co-Chairs Jan Swaney and Michela Skelton and President Barbara Rupp:

We are so proud, grateful, and humbled by our community. Two weeks ago, we came to you asking for your help bridging a significant budget gap of $50,000 for our 2019-20 fiscal year, and you showed up in a big way! Pledge increases rolled in, anywhere from $60 to $1,000, from member after member. Encouragement and well wishes rolled in from those who were already giving all they could.

We were reminded by this generosity that we can accomplish amazing things together, and together we raised $40,000 toward our budget gap in a little over a week. WOW! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gifts, and for being a community that shows up for each other and the work that we share.

Because of your generosity, our staff and treasurer were able to sit down on Friday, April 12, and create a draft budget that has been trimmed, but that has avoided painful cuts. If you are still planning on increasing your pledge to this amazing community, you can do so  by completing the form below.

We look forward to a profound year of speaking hope and sharing love together, funded by our shared generosity.

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