Email redirection canceled, website redirection modified

About six months ago our internet address changed from to At that time we began redirecting staff and program emails ending in to correponding addresses ending in Because of a problem with spam emails, we recently canceled email redirection, with the result that emails sent to addresses will not be received, and you may not receive a bounce message. If you recently sent a message to which you did not receive a reply, please resend it to the corresponding address.

Also, please update your email program’s address book to change all email addresses to end in Otherwise, auto-complete may result in your sending a message that won’t be received.

In addition to the email change, we also recently modified website redirection. In the past, if you went to, you would automatically be redirected to the home page at Now, instead, if you go to, you will see a page advising that the address has changed and providing a link that will take you to the current home page. Please update your browser’s bookmarks/favorites list to the new correct address.