Garage sale “love letter”

From Qhyrrae Michaelieu:

I have a love letter to my church for all the assistance you provided at the church garage sale. Thank you to the folks who asked me what they could help out with, to those who agreed to help when I asked ahead of time (and to those who wanted to help, but had other obligations), and to the folks who showed up on short notice when I started panicking about hauling off all of the left-overs, and of course to my Chalice Circle members who agreed to help with this large undertaking!

Thanks also to all the people who donated stuff and to folks who helped spread the word! (I know it sounds like a Oscar Award speech or something.)

I was so touched by the help you all gave! Together we helped people downsize and get rid of extra belongings, we helped people to reuse material, and we provided lots of free stuff for those who could not afford it and to various charities.

Additionally we raised $1,500 for the church. My heartfelt appreciation!