Honduran lunch fundraiser Aug. 11

As a Sanctuary Team and as a Sanctuary Congregation, we currently do not have anyone living within our walls seeking sanctuary. However, our commitment to befriend and support migrants who are fleeing violence and untenable life circumstances in their home countries remains very strong. As many of you know, out of that commitment UUCC joined Kristine Smith and her family in April to help sponsor (host) Honduran asylum seeker Edler and his family.

Recently Rev. Dottie Mathews accompanied Edler to a visit with the family’s immigration attorney and gained valuable information about the next steps and how the family can be supported legally and otherwise over the coming months.

The asylum process is a very lengthy and expensive journey. Attorney fees and other related costs will be thousands of dollars, so we will be holding periodic fundraisers. Please mark your calendars for our next after-church lunch fundraiser featuring Honduran food and tamales on Aug. 11. You will have a chance to meet both the asylum seekers and the host family and learn more about the situation in Honduras and in our own country regarding immigrants and refugees.

For more information or to get involved, please email either one of the Sanctuary Team co-chairs, Rev. Dottie Mathews or Allie Gassmann.