Honduran lunch Aug. 11 to fund asylum seekers

The Sanctuary Team is continuing to coordinate support for Edler and his family. Recently wife Yadira and second daughter Alejandra arrived from Honduras as well, so now all four family members are reunited and living together in a duplex.

Thank you to the many generous people who donated items to fill their empty home. It is now almost complete. A few things they could still use are an oscillating fan, doormat, big pots and big mixing bowls (to be able to make tamales for sale), umbrellas, and consumables like toilet paper. If anyone is available to give rides, those would be very welcome as well. Yadira will be selling Honduran meals and give Spanish lessons. Contact Dottie or Allie for more information.

Periodic fundraisers are planned to support asylum-seeking families with legal and other costs, and on July 10 there will be a Panera fundraiser. Be on the lookout for flyers.

Please mark your calendars for our next after-church lunch fundraiser featuring Honduran food and tamales after worship on Aug. 11. You will have a chance to meet Edler and family, taste Yadira’s great cooking, and learn more about the situation in Honduras and in our own country regarding immigrants and refugees.

For more information or to get involved, please email either of the Sanctuary Team co-chairs, Rev. Dottie Mathews or Allie Gassmann.