Social Action Team News

Justice-making summit with Rev. Ashley Horan on Saturday, Sept. 7

We on the Social Action Team believe this all-day seminar with a nationally recognized expert could be a game-changer for how we interact with each other and do our social justice work in the community. More information will be forthcoming. For now, block off the day on your calendar, and we’ll see you there.

Faith-to-Action nominations for 2019-2020

The Social Action Team has received 20 nominations for the 21 possible FTA collections during the 2019-2020 church year. At the Aug. 4 team meeting, the SAT reviewed the applicants. Look for an announcement soon on the church website of the approved recipients.

Loaves and Fishes continues and needs your help

Our church (along with many other local churches and groups) has a long-standing commitment to prepare and serve meals for our homeless and near-homeless neighbors once a month. Our turn is the third Sunday of each month. We often wonder if we’re going to get enough volunteers to cover food preparation, service and cleanup, and some months we barely do. Please consider signing up in advance. Our website administrator posts signups for several months. We know that some of you out there are planners. Now’s your chance! Plan ahead! Sign up!

Pledge drive for Cito and Keyla

At the successful crêpe luncheon fundraiser on June 29, our Honduras Ministry raised more than $350 in cash and received 26 pledges of $125 each to help cover the cost of Cito and Keyla’s college education so they can continue to help their community in the Cangrejal River Valley in northern Honduras. While we have 26 pledges so far, our goal is 50 (to cover one year of expenses). If you would like to pledge $125 to help this couple, and thereby make a positive difference in the community, please fill in your initials on the poster in the Greeting Area at church and send a check payable to UUCC for $125, with “Honduras Education Fund” on the memo line. Also please send an email to Caya Tanski so we can keep track of the contributions.