President’s Perspective – So I’d like to ask you…

By Mindy McPherson, 2019-20 President

The Board of Trustees continues to revisit and work through ideas that were sparked at its August retreat. We are reflecting on our work and its correlation with our vision statement. We are also evaluating draft language for a board covenant.

As I’m moving through the academic year and navigating communications with my colleagues and students, as well as my children’s teachers, coaches etc., I’m paying particular attention to how I best receive, process and store information (managing physical documents shared through Kindergarten and second grade Friday folders is not my strong suit). Consequently, I am reflecting on how I can most effectively share important, usable information. This reflection extends to my work within our church and, in my opinion, is timely as we have many exciting initiatives underway and on the horizon.

The responsibilities and expectations of board members as delineated in our board policies indicate that we, as board members, are to report to the membership on the activities of the church. We are also guided to “appropriately accept and respond to questions from church members and friends.” Logically, the specifics of board meetings can be found within the meeting agendas and supporting documents and the meeting minutes; all of these are available through the church website. This newsletter offers an additional avenue for communications from the president, but neither of these channels is particularly interactive.

So, I’d like to ask you – How do you prefer to give/receive communications to/from the board? Are the current channels working for you? How do you feel about the use of social media (e.g. Facebook posts/comments) and email? What strategies can we employ to make our communications more intentional and engaging? A UUCC board blog? With what additional communication practices do you find success and satisfaction in other aspects of your personal and professional life?

I encourage you to reach out to board members individually, if it feels comfortable – you can find our email addresses here. I’ve also compiled a brief google forms-based survey that you may use to share your thoughts about board communications.

I wish you a delightful fall.