December news from the Social Action Team

Faith-to-Action Collections for December

Three Faith-to-Action collections are scheduled for the month of December. Please consider supporting these organizations when the collection plate comes your way on these Sundays:

  • Dec. 8 – Room at the Inn
  • Dec. 15 – Loaves & Fishes
  • Dec. 22 – Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

Can’t make the Sunday service or Forum on one of these days? We’ll miss you! But you can still drop off or send in a contribution any time in December, with a check made out to UUCC and something in the memo line to alert the Church Administrator that the check is for one (or more) of the Faith-to-Action recipients. Information on these organizations and all the other Faith-to-Action recipients for the year is on the website.

Collaboration with Adult Religious Education

Part of the “Scope of Activity” of the Social Action Team is “Educating ourselves and the congregation on issues of social justice … and providing opportunities for the congregation to become more educated on those issues.” This sounds to us a lot like Adult Religious Education, and certainly fits the definition of some of the classes that have been offered. After some discussion, we designated a representative to join the Adult Religious Education team.

Innovations in Loaves and Fishes volunteer food signup

We have arranged with Patchwork Family Farms to provide pork for a main dish, with the cost being billed by Patchwork to the church. If you sign up for this main dish option, you will need to obtain the pork from Patchwork and prepare it for delivery to Loaves and Fishes. Policy on food purchases for other signup items remains the same: You are welcome to submit receipts to the church for reimbursement, subject to the availability of funds in the Loaves & Fishes reserved fund. Why did we implement this change? Support for local agriculture is strong within our congregation; for example, the Columbia Center For Urban Agriculture and the Missouri Rural Crisis Center (which is the umbrella organization for Patchwork Family Farms) are both scheduled for Faith-to-Action collections in April. This ensures that, at least 12 times a year, our church is directly supporting local food production.

Standing with Solidarity

The Social Action Team has designated a representative to the Solidarity Network, which is planning for another rally and march this winter. Many UUs have attended past events. Thank you, Vic Myers!

Change in team chair

Caya Tanski has embarked on a course of professional development that is demanding of her time, and she asked to step away from the SAT Chair position, at least for the time being. Accordingly, Fred Young has volunteered to be chairperson. We thank Caya for her time and attention to “All Things SAT,” wish her well in her endeavors, and hope for her re-engagement later in the spring.