Sanctuary/Immigrant Justice Team update

The Sanctuary Team was initially formed after our congregational vote in April of 2017 to officially declare ourselves a Sanctuary Congregation. The team did good work to prepare for an eventual guest in our building. However, as of now, none of our migrant friends have needed to take the drastic step of seeking sanctuary here at UUCC.

Given that reality, our team has officially renamed ourselves the Sanctuary/Immigrant Justice Team. Of course, we will remain ready to respond quickly should a need arise, but in the meantime, we are working hard on many avenues of pursuing justice for our immigrant friends and neighbors in and near Columbia.

On Nov. 3 we held a Tamale Lunch fundraiser after the second service. The food was once again extraordinarily delicious, and the time of fellowship was truly enjoyable. The proceeds were split between the asylum-seeking family we are helping to support and the Honduras Team. Thanks to all who came out to offer their generous support for these important causes!

If you would like to get involved in the work of this team, please email either co-chair, Allie Gassman or Dave Gibbons.