Volunteers sought for summer lay-led worship services

The Worship Associates Team has changed plans for our summer lay-led worship services and needs your help to make them a success. The team is determined not to allow the COVID-19 virus to undermine our long tradition of the lay pulpit.

The team is looking for two to four volunteers on each available Sunday to address the important questions specified below that may have even deeper meaning as we figure out together what this difficult time will ultimately mean for our future as a church, as a community and as a country. Volunteers will have about five minutes to their share thoughts on the chosen topic. That’s equivalent to two or three double-spaced, typed pages.

We don’t know now whether this summer we will be meeting in person or will need to continue online services, but that won’t significantly impact the volunteers’ role. Volunteers are welcome to suggest other worship features, but the Worship Associates will be responsible for putting together the rest of each service. This includes all technical aspects if we are still meeting virtually.

The available topics, dates and assigned Worship Associates are:

  • June 28 – What sacred or centering practices sustain you? – Cande Iveson, Worship Associate
  • July 5 – What does Justice look like to you? – Todd Iveson, Worship Associate
  • July 19 – What values are most important to you? – Tim Dickerson, Worship Associate
  • Aug. 2 – What gives you hope? – Sam Otten, Worship Associate
  • Aug. 9 – In what do you place your trust? – Rebecca Graves, Worship Associate
  • Aug. 16 – What makes a place sacred? What places are sacred to you? – Jeff Ordway, Worship Associate

If you are willing to share your thoughts on any of these important questions, please send an email to the Worship Associates. Thank you for your help in continuing this valuable tradition.