President’s Perspective – A Time to Serve

By Rebecca Graves, 2020-21 President

Hello from your new President. I am honored to serve you and our church mission in this role for the coming year. When I joined the Board of Trustees last summer, the world was a different place. And, yet, here we are, still together worshiping and working on the side of love. The future is never clear, but our values are, and our commitment to each other is. This is how we will get through these next few months, together in our values.

I would like to welcome our new board members who began their terms with July’s board meeting: Jan Swaney (term expires 6/2021), Ginny Winter (6/2022), Kara Braudis (6/2023), Timothy Dickerson (6/2023), and David Leuthold (6/2023). Jan Swaney is finishing up the term of Elaine Martin, and Ginny Winter is finishing up the term of Michela Skelton. At our July board meeting, Jan Swaney was elected as Secretary, and Jeremy Duke was re-elected as Treasurer. We will be electing a President-Elect at our August board meeting.

The board is working to create a Covid-19 Advisory Task Force. The overall charge of the task force will be to gather information and make recommendations to the board and the Minister regarding church operations and worship during the pandemic. (See below for the full charge.) The task force will assist the board in having the most current and best information with which to make decisions, especially as best practices for safety and health can change rapidly as we learn more about the virus and the disease.

So much has changed. This summer, we thought we would be gearing up for our capital campaign, Rev. Molly would be on sabbatical, and the board would be working on its review of the mission and vision. During the next board meetings and the board retreat on Sept. 19 (online, of course), we will be taking stock of where we are, where we envision ourselves to be, and setting a course. As I said at the start, I am honored to be your President on this wild journey in love.