President’s Perspective – A Summer Pause

By Rebecca Graves, 2020-21 President

Not much has happened in the past four weeks, for which I am grateful. The Board of Trustees will hold its annual retreat in September. Weather permitting, we will be meeting part of the day in person – physically distant, outdoors and masked, of course.

As the retreat is an opportunity for the board to come together and synchronize as an ensemble, we feel it is important to be together in body as well as spirit. (Speaking of the body, there’s also only so much attention it has for Zoom.) Visioning will also be on the agenda, as I mentioned in my last column.

I hope you had time and space to pull back from the confusion and distress of these past few months. Even if, like me, it was a couple of weeks where the pace of work was slower, calmer, and the summer views from my work-at-home office in the kitchen were memorable for the hummingbirds, the green of the leaves, and the drama of thunderstorms. Even better if you were able to travel, to rest (however that looks for you), and to be with loved ones. We do need to love each other, and that includes ourselves. We need to have strength for the work ahead. (There is always work ahead.)

As the fall gears up, I anticipate that there will be more news to report. As a reminder, board meetings are open to all members and our governance structure and information is available on our website.

Do contact me, or other members of the board, with any questions, concerns or comments you have on how we can best serve you and the church.