Honduras Ministry news – January 2021

After Honduras was hit by Hurricanes Eta and Iota in November, UUCC collected funds for food donations through a special Faith-to-Action collection. Thanks to UUCC’s great generosity, the Honduras Ministry Team was able to send almost $1,850 to the towns in the Cangrejal River Valley most affected by the hurricanes.

Many people in the valley lost roofs and parts of dwellings, and the water that entered their dwellings destroyed belongings. Some people lost all their belongings as the rushing water swept everything away. In the aftermath of the storms, food was the most urgent need, so we were able to help a little with that.
Now the people of Honduras and Central America are picking up the pieces after so much devastation and loss – in the midst of a pandemic no less. At the writing of this article, it seems that Cito and his family have contracted Covid-19. They have had fevers for many days, aren’t eating, and have lost a lot of weight. Members of the Team are trying to support them from afar.

Allie Gassmann
Honduras Ministry Chair