President’s Perspective – Seeing spring in the winter sun

By Rebecca Graves, 2020-21 President

The holidays are over, and the Earth’s tilt has shifted so that the days will be growing longer. Winter still has weeks to go, yet the extra minutes of light each day make it a bit easier to hang on until spring. The same is true for the pandemic. As I write this, vaccinations are being given to our local health care workers. By the time you read this, perhaps you will have had the vaccine (at least shot one of two). For me this news brought a sense of hope – of lightness even. Possibly it did so for you.

What does this mean for the church, for us? The board continues to listen to the advice of the Covid-19 Advisory Task Force. Given the tiered roll-out of the vaccine, the need for a majority of folks to get the vaccine, the need for two doses, and the several days it takes for the vaccine to become effective, the task force and the board do not foresee us regathering in person for worship until the fall. There is cautious hope, though, that we will be able to meet in small groups before that. Like the sunlight giving us hope for spring, though spring is still weeks in the waiting, we see the vaccine as a hope that we will regather together in person this year.

The board is reviewing our committees, making sure that they are staffed as they should be and have the resources they need. We have also been discussing ways to measure our mission beyond simple numbers. While counting activities, attendance and contributions has its place, we think there is more to meeting our mission and goals. How does one “count” courageous love or deep connection?

Finally, we are deeply appreciative of all of you who make up our community, from those of you who work on our Sunday services, who maintain our building, who give life to our ministries, who have worked at Room at the Inn, and who do all the work large and small. Thank you.