Sanctuary/Immigrant Justice Team news – January 2021

As we are entering the new year 2021 with renewed hope, let us not forget our asylum-seeking and injustice-fleeing siblings from around the world. 2020 and the last four years overall have been particularly heartbreaking and devastating years for them as the Trump Administration has ignored and broken international asylum laws, and as the whole immigration process has been slowed down and actively impeded.

We must continue to be actively engaged in making sure those who seek refuge in our country get treated with the dignity and with the legal hearings and chances that they deserve.

The asylum-seeking family UUCC is helping support is doing well. The girls are learning English quickly and doing well in school. Their mother has found work at MU – now that she has gotten her work permit – so financially things are starting to look better as well. Although they deeply miss their family in Honduras, they are looking forward to 2021 with optimism and with gratitude for all the love and support they have found here in the US – and particularly from our congregation.

Allie Gassmann
Co-chair, Sanctuary/Immigrant Justice Team