President’s Perspective – Living our mission at home

By Rebecca Graves, 2020-21 President

I mentioned in my last column that the board has been discussing the status and resumption of our capital campaign to expand and improve our church building. Given the pandemic postponement of this campaign, it is likely to be a couple years before we see any physical change. As we talked about this, we were led to understand that we could no longer wait on installing an elevator. We want to live our mission at home and to practice radical welcome for ourselves and our visitors. So, we have started the process of getting an elevator installed. We will also be replacing the carpet in this same accessibility project. We will be pulling together task forces to work on the project and to work on fund raising. You will be hearing more on this in the weeks to come.

In accordance with our policy regarding nominees for the board, the nominating committee has invited the nominees to the past two board meetings. They also have been assigned mentors, and we have held an orientation meeting to provide an introduction to policy governance and the board’s role in steering the church towards its mission. A shout-out to the nominating committee, Mindy McPherson, Patty Daus, Qhyrrae Michalieu, and Jenny Bossaller, for their great work on this.

A quick update on the Stewardship Campaign: Our pledges came in under our goal, though the final tally is better than we anticipated last month. I won’t go into details here, as by the time you read this the budget for 2022 will be posted and our annual meeting will either be imminent or over. As always, if you have questions, check our website or give me a shout.

In closing, I hope you are well, and that you have hung on through this past year. I miss you all and long to see you in person. With the vaccines getting into arms (I’m halfway through my course) and the blossoms on the trees, I am feeling hope rising. Just a few months more, and we will make it through.