In-person outdoor group singing planned from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays

Starting Wednesday, May 12, Music Director Jeremy Wagner will be holding weekly group sings in the parking lot at UUCC from 6 to 8 p.m. Singers will be socially distant and compliant with current studies from the CDC and the University of Colorado that state that singing outside with 6 feet between each person (or family) is safe to do.

The group sing on May 19 will be a special tribute to our former Music Director, Desi Long, before she moves from Columbia to be closer to family.

For those that are vaccinated and/or belong to the same group of people, if everyone in your group feels comfortable not wearing a mask, that is a decision that at this time is safe to make. Groups that do not normally see one another will be kept separate. Jeremy will handle distribution of needed resources, including masks and sanitary wipes.

Jeremy’s ultimate goal is to have music that speaks to participants and the congregation printed and ready for each group to have at least one hymnal, though order of songs will not be chosen nor strictly stuck to. He wants to provide an opportunity to sing the songs that we have held in our hearts all these months and share them together once more. He stresses that participants do not need to be in choir or be able to read music to participate. The point is to sing as a community in a safe manner that hopefully will be healing for us all. There will be no obligation to stay the entire two hours.

If you have music that you want for sure to be sung at the first group sing, or any future ones, send Jeremy an email so he can make sure it is available.

Jeremy plans to feature a tribute to Desi Long during the May 19 group sing. Our former Music Director has been a part of this congregation for decades and holds a special place in many of our hearts. The group sing will focus on the music Desi loves to sing/play/listen to. Jeremy hopes as many of us that can safely fill the parking lot on May 19 will be there to share our gratitude and well wishes as Desi moves away from Columbia.