UUCC sponsors Guatemalan family seeking asylum

Our church is sponsoring a family from Guatemala seeking asylum in the U.S. The family arrived in Columbia on May 26 and is living with Christine Heath and her father until they are able to earn money themselves and live independently. First steps will be to help the family settle in, find a lawyer for the family, and get the asylum-seeking process rolling.

Many thanks to those who already offered to donate household items and other resources, help with transportation and translation, and teach English. We will be putting the word out for donations and other help once we know what’s needed. We are very grateful to have received offers of help and financial donations from Broadway Christian Church and Rock Bridge Christian Church here in Columbia and Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church in West Virginia.

If you would like to be involved, please email Dave Gibbons or Allie Gassmann, co-chairs of the Sanctuary/Immigrant Justice Team.