Chalice Circles offer new and continuing choices

Members and Friends of UUCC:

Are you looking for a way to connect with fellow UUCC members and friends? Seeking opportunities to share your heart in a safe/brave space? Finding new connections and opportunities to discover ways that UUCC can be meaningful in your life? If so, find a Chalice Circle program that suits your needs. Learn more about Chalice Circles.

Current Chalice Circle members: You are encouraged to consider joining a new group this year. We realize that it may be difficult for you, after being involved intimately with the lives and ideas of the particular people in your covenant group, but we ask you to think of this change as an opportunity to build relationships with new people and to provide new people the opportunity to develop relationships with you. Since the new covenant group members coming in will have different spiritual experiences and ideas, this will also provide you with the opportunity for more spiritual growth.

2021-2022 Chalice Circle options will be:

1. Traditional eight-session Chalice Circles, meeting once a month for an hour or two from early October through the end of May. There is a 10-member limit in each circle. The groups are facilitated by fellow volunteers, exploring a topic planned in coordination with the Rev. Molly Housh Gordon. Regular service project opportunities are chosen by members of the group and enhance bonds of friendship. Your commitment is for one cycle of eight sessions.

2. Monthly one-time Chalice Circles, for those who just want to try out a circle or are unable to make a multiple session commitment, meeting once a month at the church from early October through the end of May. These groups are will be facilitated by fellow volunteers. No registration is required – drop-ins are expected. Childcare will be offered in the church nursery. The schedule will be announced in September.

All Chalice Circles will be open for signups in September on the website, on signup sheets at the church or by email. To sign up on the website, click this button:

2021-22 Chalice Circles Signup