Fall Plans for Religious Education

Dear UUCC Families,

I want to share our plans for the new year in Religious Education at UUCC. We are guided by our commitment to being a community of care during a time of pandemic risks and high anxiety. As such, we will be taking our return to in person programming slowly and carefully, and adjusting as new data arises or conditions change. 

Our plan for September and October:

  • All children’s programming will be outside or virtual, with the exception of nursery care
  • Nursery care will be the only programming inside the building during service hours. All nursery staff will be masked and vaccinated.
  • In-person Religious Education on Sunday at 10:30 (for preschoolers through ninth graders) will be broken into three classes (see below). Kids will begin in their classes not in the main worship service. Parents should arrive 10 minutes early to get kids situated in their classes before joining the worship service  Children will be picked up after the worship service concludes. All children and teachers in our R.E. classes must be masked. All teachers must be vaccinated.

-Our preschool age Potter Class will meet in the grassy area between the lower parking lot and the retaining wall. They will use the usual curriculum that focuses on familiarizing them with our church and introducing them to a theology of love, care, and wonder.

-K-7th graders will meet at the pavilion at Shepard Park next door to the church (except on Sept. 26, when they will meet at the picnic area behind the church). Their curriculum will focus on reconnecting, forging relationships, and building community. After a brief story and lesson, there will be several stations which children can move between and engage with from more structured to less structured activities.

-8-9th graders who have registered in advance will meet at the picnic area behind the church for our Coming of Age curriculum two Sundays a month. On the Sundays they are not meeting, they can join their parents in the worship service, or assist as junior aides in the class at Shepard Park.

  • Our YRUU high school youth group will initially meet on Sunday from noon to 2 pm in the picnic area behind the church, with masks required. Because all high school youth are vaccinated, we will continue to assess pandemic conditions in Columbia to determine whether we can return to indoor meetings or adjust our mask requirement. 
  • Our Junior Youth group (6-8th grade)  will meet the Second Friday of each month in the picnic area behind the church, with masks required.
  • For children who cannot meet in person, we will do a Zoom story time at 10 am on Sundays. There will also be spirituality kits that can be checked out from the church, and R.E. take home lessons that can be provided upon request.
  • In case of inclement weather: We will make a decision by 9 am on Sunday whether we can go forward with in person programming that day. Programming may be cancelled or postponed, depending on what is feasible.

Parents, we need your help to make our program successful. There are two important things you can do: