Immigrant sponsorship update for June

The Sanctuary/Immigrant Justice Team is happy to report that Lilly is overjoyed to have started her part-time job at the University of Missouri! This is a huge step towards independence for her. Next steps are learning to drive, buying a car and finding a place to rent. If you are willing to help Lilly learn to drive and/or have information on cars and places to rent, please contact us!

Since it will be some time until Lilly can be independent in her transportation needs, there is currently an increased need for drivers. Host Christine Heath and co-chair Dave Gibbons are doing a lot of the transportation but will need backup drivers sometimes. Lilly needs transportation to and from work, and drivers are needed to take the family to appointments and take Lakshmi to and from her Head Start location. We put out a call for volunteers monthly, and volunteers can select when they volunteer based on their schedules. People willing to help should contact Joe Donaldson at 573-289-0725 or by email for more information.

May 26 was the first anniversary of UUCC welcoming Lilly, Manuel, and Lakshmi to Columbia and committing to their sponsorship, and we are so grateful for the generosity of Christine Heath in offering her home to the family. One of the goals of sponsorship, however, is to help immigrants transition to independence. If Lilly had no children, she would be well on her way. However, when we agreed to sponsor a single mom with two small children, we knew transitioning to independence would be more challenging.

Consequently, our sponsorship of the family will need to continue to assist with their current financial needs and to prepare for the upcoming additional expenses of rent, utilities, and transportation. So we would greatly appreciate your financial contributions to our sponsorship efforts! If you would like to support the work of the Sanctuary and Immigrant Justice Team, which currently includes our sponsorship of the family, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the church with Sanctuary Fund in the memo line. If you would like to make a non-tax-deductible donation to the family directly, you can send a check made out to Allie Gassmann at 1700 Princeton Dr., Columbia, MO 65203. This money will go on a joint account from which the family’s expenses will be paid directly.

If you would like to get involved on the team, please contact Dave or Allie

Dave Gibbons – email
Allie Gassmann – email
Co-chairs, Sanctuary/Immigrant Justice Team