Intern Minister offers liberation prayer

We are a justice seeking people. We are increasingly dedicating our spiritual lives to the hard work of liberation, whether it be liberation for others or for ourselves. Despite this hard work, let us remember to find embodied joy in our liberative work, for it is life-giving and life-affirming. I offer you this prayer of celebration for the month of May.

O great liberator, O life, O love,

Let us not contain our spirits or lock them in silent chambers. 

Instead, let us pour ourselves out in oceans of tumultuous joy. 

Let us sing praises to the great love that liberates earth-bound souls. 

There is a time for quietude, for listening to the still, small voice of contemplation. But that will be for another day. 

This day we shout into crashing ocean waves, and feel their raw and sensual power. 

This day, when we encounter beloved friends, we allow ourselves to leap for joy. 

This day, let us cross the street to embrace our neighbor, even if she thinks we have gone insane. 

This day we don’t want to be steady and sturdy oaks. Instead, let us leap and twirl and spin like the great Gaia herself. 

This day we praise you, the great creator, who has always been one with us, who quickens our souls, who unbinds our hands to embrace the beloved, who frees our frozen feet to dance for justice. 

Let us not be content to whisper that God is dead, but let us instead cry out, with breathless joy, we are alive. Amen.

– George Grimm-Howell, Intern Minister