May immigrant support update

Following a generous contribution toward the cost of driving lessons from Dottie Mathews and Rosie Geiser, Lilly is getting ready to take her driver’s examination. She will be driving her car that was the generous gift of Meredith Donaldson in honor and memory of Joe Donaldson, who had coordinated the transportation for Lilly, Manuel, and Lakshmi.

Until Lilly passes her exam and gets her license, which we are hoping will be soon, Ruth Milledge is coordinating the transportation for the family. If you are willing to help with driving, please email Ruth.

When we agreed to sponsor a single mom with two small children in May 2021, we knew transitioning to independence would be more challenging. Consequently, our sponsorship of the family is continuing in order to provide assistance where needed.

You may support or continue to support the work of the Sanctuary and Immigrant Justice Team, which currently includes our sponsorship of the family, by making a tax-deductible donation to the church with Sanctuary Fund in the memo line. If you would like to make a non-tax-deductible donation to the family directly, you can send a check made out to Allie Gassmann at 1700 Princeton Dr., Columbia, MO 65203. This money will go into a joint account from which the family’s expenses will be paid directly.

Our loyal and faithful drivers share with us how Lilly sincerely expresses her gratitude every time they drive the family to or from their respective destinations, 6-year-old Manuel at first grade at Parkade Elementary School, 2-year-old Lakshmi at Head Start, and Lilly at work at the University of Missouri. It is a reminder for us to say thank you to UUCC and everyone who has contributed to the sponsorship of this Guatemalan family seeking asylum in this country.

Contributions have been by donating financially; by donating furniture and household items; by driving the family; by translating; by taking Lilly to the store and on other errands; by taking the family to the doctor; by taking Lilly to the hospital; by taking Lakshmi to the hospital twice; by helping to enroll the kids in school and Head Start; by helping in other ways we am forgetting; by donating a car (thank you again Meredith); by providing housing for over a year (thank you Christine Heath); and by UUCC two years ago saying “yes” to sponsoring this family.

With continuing gratitude, Allie Gassmann and Dave Gibbons, Co-Chairs of the Sanctuary and Immigrant Justice Team.

If you would like to get involved with the team, please email Dave or Allie: