Intern Minister’s message – “Willing”

Rev. Molly’s announcement of “Let it Be a Dance” as our worship arc for the upcoming church invites us to reflect on how we move together through precarious times.

This is also pride month in Mid-Missouri, which means we have an opportunity to renew our commitment to supporting not only each other but all LGBTQ+ people who face some of the most precarious times in recent memory.

Our September theme willingly invites us to revisit our commitment to opening our doors to the queer community.

It goes much farther than opening doors, requiring us to open hearts to the work of what UU minister and activist C B Beal calls preemptive radical inclusion.

Beal writes that being willing to journey with the LGBTQ+ community requires a willingness to place ourselves in the intersection of trauma-aware and anti-oppression practices. It also requires being willing to change and share power differently. With deeper understanding, we can willingly recommit to the work of radical welcome.

I am proud of the fact that we at UUCC have committed to returning our life-giving presence at the Mid-Missouri Pride Fest Sept. 23 and 24.

We can all feel gratitude for the enthusiastic response so far to opening our arms of welcome and willingly stepping into the stream of change.

Love and light,