Facilities Team reports on lower level restoration

By Kevin Fritsche, UUCC Facilities Team Chair

Kevin Fritsche and Larry Lile pose and smile with a classroom backdrop of partially repaired walls

Your Facilities Team is happy to report that over the past few weeks much progress has been made returning our downstairs to a state of repair and renewal.

  • Kevin McKiernan, Jeff White, Larry Lile, Lila Ordway and I replaced and patched drywall throughout the downstairs wherever it had been removed during the demolition process.
  • Larry Lile and Lila Ordway installed new countertops and re-installed the cabinets in both classrooms.
  • I primed and painted the cabinets and walls in those two classrooms with new and warmer colors.
  • Lynn Hostetler and I repainted the Forum Room an inviting shade of grey. You’re invited to come downstairs and take a look around for yourself.

Here is what we can expect going forward for the next month or so:

First, new vinyl cove baseboard needs to be installed in all rooms and the hallway were water damage occurred. If you have any experience with doing this, we would greatly appreciate your guidance and assistance with this task.

Second, we expect that the downstairs kitchen restoration will begin in May or June. We are hiring some pros to take on that portion of this project. The kitchen will be getting new cabinets, countertops, sinks, and appliances (i.e., oven, dishwasher, refrigerator).

Third, while the kitchen remodel proceeds, the tile floors throughout the downstairs will be stripped and re-finished.

Finally, sometime in early May, the staff, volunteer teachers, and Facilities Team members will gather together to sort through all of the supplies that have been moved, relocated or misplaced, claim what is wanted and needed, and then organize and store these items in the most appropriate places.

Looking forward to the summer, the team will be completing the installation of shelving in the new shed, and then it will be time to organize its contents. We hope some of you reading this might be interested in helping us out. If so, keep an eye for invitations to workdays.