May Social Action Team update


The Faith-to-Action recipient for May is the church’s Honduras project.

As a reminder, two Sundays a month all undesignated collections are donated to the designated Faith-to-Action recipient for the month. You may also donate here any time during the month for the current designated FTA recipient.

We typically get heart-felt letters of thanks from the organizations we donate to. To view these letters check the bulletin board across from staff mailboxes. Our generosity is appreciated!

Recent Faith-To-Action collection results:

September: $537 for The Center Project

October: $736 for Heart of Missouri CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates)

November: $1,454 for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Combined with the Chili Fund-Raiser, that makes a total of $5,174 for PCRF.

December: $888 for First Chance for Children

January: $721.58 for MADP (Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty. Ms. Elyse Max thanks us, and is grateful for our continuing support.

February: $1,080.12 for Minority Men’s Network

March: $1,101.77 for our Sanctuary and Immigrant Justice Team.

Loaves and Fishes – the new location

In April we served our first meal at the new location of Loaves and Fishes at the Room at the Inn in the Ashley Street Center, 1509 Ashley St., behind the city power plant (view map). The space is excellent, with a huge kitchen. It’s not perfect – no ice-maker, for instance – but Greg Suhler reports that the dishwasher is vastly superior to the one at Wilkes Boulevard United Methodist Church.

Client/guest numbers are down to about half of what we used to see this winter at Wilkes. Staff members say that people who come are mainly those with cars or bikes; nobody walks all the way out to the Ashley Street Center, and there is no city bus service on Sunday.

Loaves and Fishes – team building!

One idea that the Social Action Team has for engaging more people in the congregation with Loaves and Fishes is to encourage groups to “sponsor” one of our L&F meals. Discuss among yourselves, pick a month that is good for you, and sign up for as many slots as you can. Get together and prep a meal! Show up as a team to set up/serve/clean up! You don’t have to fill all the slots – and don’t worry, we’ll make sure that one or more of the “old hands” are there to help, and there is an excellent staff person (Meg) who always seems to be there. Serving the L&F meal is a Good Thing – and it’s fun!