Revised UU principles will be on General Assembly agenda

The Seven Principles, which are set out in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Bylaws, Article II, “Principles and Purposes,” have existed in their current form since 1987. Article II is the covenant to which all UU congregations and covenanted communities pledge themselves when they become members of the UUA.

In light of a number of suggested Article II revisions since 1987, the UUA Board established an Article II Study Commission, which submitted its final report in October 2023. Revision of Article II will be on the agenda of this year’s UUA General Assembly June 20-23. You can read the PDF version of the commission’s final report below.

Beneath the report you will find links to four proposed amendments to the language recommended by the commission. These proposed amendments also will be on the agenda at GA. To be placed on the agenda, proposed amendments had to be supported by at least 15 UU congregations.

You can read about the Article II amendment process here.

Final Report of Article II Study Commission



Proposed Amendments to Final Report

Reason and the responsible search for truth and meaning

Equity calls us to listen, understand, respect and respond

Peace as a UU value

Equity – every person is inherently worthy