Facilities Team’s June report on lower level restoration

By Kevin Fritsche, Facilities Team Leader

We are happy to report that during the month of May, your Facilities Team made more progress in restoring our water-damaged lower level. Both classrooms (Barton and Latimer) are essentially finished. If you haven’t seen them recently, we encourage you to come down and take a look.

Did you notice the two new gray storage cabinets in the Barton classroom? They have been anchored to the walls for safety purposes (i.e., to prevent tipping). Safety was on our minds when Kevin McKiernan, Jeff White and I moved the four big and heavy bookshelves in the Forum room and anchored them to the wall. During this past month, Jeff White and Kevin McKiernan completed the installation of the cove base trim in the hallway as well as in the two classrooms. I stripped and refinished the floors in both classrooms.

Moving on, if you have been downstairs recently, you could not miss the presence of cabinets and a countertop in the hallway along the wall just as you enter the lower level. The countertop currently on these cabinets is only temporary, and will be replaced with a new black countertop that matches those recently installed in the Barton and Latimer classrooms.

In fact, early in the fall, the team will replace the countertop in the Potter classroom with a matching black one and the cabinet fronts will be painted, as well as the walls. This room was not damaged by the water, but as a long-time Potter teacher, I did not want the Potter kids to feel overlooked, so we will freshen-up this classroom as well. Thanks go out to Patty Daus and Paul Widel for purchasing and delivering the new countertop that will be installed in the hallway.

We are anxiously awaiting the start of the kitchen restoration portion of this project. One of our members, Jeff Richter and his team of professionals, was awarded the bid to completely restore the downstairs kitchen, which includes all new appliances in addition to the installation of a never-before garbage disposal in the sink. So modern! We hope to be able to report on the progress in the kitchen next month. Once the kitchen restoration is complete, the hallway and bathroom floors will be refinished.

Speaking of bathrooms, the urinal in the previously named “men’s” bathroom is scheduled to be removed this coming fall.

The month of June has been agreed upon by our staff to be the time when they will be able to go through — and whenever possible, dispose of — the many papers and other materials that were stored in numerous file cabinets and boxes in many of the nooks and crannies downstairs. Once this is completed, the Facilities Team will be able to complete the restoration of the music office, which at the present time is serving as a temporary storage space. We greatly appreciate Violet’s understanding and patience.

Over the summer, your Facilities Team will be working to complete the installation of shelving in the outdoor storage shed. Kevin McKiernan recently purchased and put together a new portable 2-step stair unit that will greatly improve access to the shed.