Facilities Planning

As part of our continuing discernment of facilities needs, there was a workshop as part of our May 5, 2019 annual congregational meeting during which congregants had an opportunity to help prioritize needs. The workshop was conducted by Simon Oswald Architects (SOA), the firm retained by the Board of Trustees to help with facilities planning.

The discernment process actually started at the May 2018 annual congregational meeting when the Building Needs Task Force presented its preliminary report. The report was then refined and expanded and presented at additional gatherings in November 2018. After that the task force continued gathering input from the congregation, leading to a consensus that moving to another location is financially beyond our means and that our needs would best be served by improving our current facilities.

No final decisions have been made regarding either a master plan or or aesthetic design. SOA will continue to gather information and work with the board, and the congregation will have an opportunity in fall 2019 to review SOA’s recommendations for a master plan.

In the meantime, to strengthen communications with the congregation, the board will increase the size of the task force and ask the task force to prepare visual charts to show where we are at all stages of the process.

For further background, the updated November 2018 task force report is available as a PDF by clicking the following button:

November 2018 Building Needs Task Force Report