Stewardship 2018 – Overview

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All year we’re exploring the idea of “Weaving Together Community,” remembering how much stronger we are together, and how much beauty we create when we weave together our lives. As we weave a beautiful and powerful future for our community, part of what we bring to the tapestry are our many gifts and resources. This month’s stewardship campaign is all about weaving community and sharing our gifts with our beloved congregation!

Again this year our primary stewardship goal is to receive pledges from 100% of potential pledgers – we estimate there are 206. If everyone turns in a pledge, and those who are able consider a 7.5% increase, then we feel confident we can reach our total giving goal of $328,650 – a 7.4% increase over last year’s giving.

Why Pledge?

Pledges are what enable us to plan a realistic budget. While cash donations in the offering basket are greatly appreciated and are used to help support the church and its causes, they are unpredictable, and thus we cannot rely on them when planning our budget.

Where Do Your Pledge Dollars Go?

Pledges made during the stewardship campaign constitute about 90% of church income. The remainder comes from pledges made at other times, undesignated Sunday offerings, facility rentals and fund-raisers. Your pledge dollars fund everything about our regular operating budget, from staff salaries to building maintenance and utilities to our ministry team budgets.

Increases for next year will allow us to:

  • Take on an Intern Minister to share her gifts and receive training from our congregation.
  • Fully fund our music program and accompaniment needs.
  • Increase babysitting for families at church events and meetings.
  • Fund new ministries like Adult R.E., Accessibility and Inclusion Team, and Sanctuary Team, and more!

Submitting Your Pledge

Pledge cards, available in the Greeting Area, can be turned in at the stewardship table, placed in the offering plate, given to any Stewardship Team member or the church administrator, or mailed to the church.

You can also pledge online by clicking the button below:

Key Stewardship Dates

  • Sunday, Feb 4: Beginning of 2018 Stewardship Campaign.
  • All of February: Members will gather for Stewardship Dinners to build community and learn about our plans for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Saturday, Feb. 24: “Fiber Fling” collaborative weaving project – 9 a.m. to noon.

Stewardship Team Members

Stewardship Team Members are, back row from left, Ene-Kaja Chippendale, Steve Mudrick, Jan Swaney (co-chair), Michela Skelton (co-chair), Maria Oropallo
and Dennis Murphy; and front, Qhyrrae Michaelieu.