The Minister is responsible not only for traditional pastoral duties but also for supervising staff members and volunteers in all ministry activities of the church, while the Board of Trustees is responsible for making policies, effectuating the church’s vision and mission as articulated by church members, providing resources, and evaluating programs. For a further explanation of the realms of responsibility of the Minister and Board of Trustees, see the Governance Overview page.

The ministries of the church are carried out by various teams and ministries supervised by the Minister, either directly or through staff members and volunteer coordinators who report to the Minister. Current teams and ministries are listed on the All Church Groups page. However, note that the following bodies are committees under the purview of the Board of Trustees instead of teams/ministries under the supervision of the Minister:

  • Board Executive Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Investments and Endowment Committee
  • Nominating Committee

Also, the Safer Congregation Committee is a hybrid body that reports both to the board and the minister.