Access Information

A small number of pages on our website are password-protected so they are accessible only to UUCC members, friends and participants (see definitions below) who have registered and whose registration has been approved.

Registration is not required to view the vast majority of pages on our website.

After you register, your registration must be approved by the website administrator. When your registration is approved, you will receive a confirming email. Keep a secure record of your username and password. While it is possible to reset a password, if you make four unsuccessful attempts to log in and/or reset a password within five minutes, you will be locked out from further attempts for 30 minutes.

When you attempt to access a password-protected page, you will see a log-in page where you will be asked to log in before you can see the protected page. Once you are logged in, you can view other protected pages without logging in again. If you wish, you can log out on the Register/Log Out page, but note that you will be automatically logged out when you close your browser.

You can also log in or log out under “Login/Logout” in the sidebar without first attempting to access a protected page.

If you are registered and have forgotten your password, you can enter your username and click the “Click here to reset” link after the phrase “Forgot password?” on the log-in page, or you can enter your username under “Login/Logout” in the sidebar and click the “Forgot” link.

If you want to change your assigned password or change other registration information, you may do so on the Manage Registration page, but you will need to log in first.


Registration is limited to members, friends and participants, defined as follows:

  • Members: Persons who have formally joined UUCC as members.
  • Friends: Persons who attend UUCC, participate in church activities, and support the church financially. Most persons in this category are listed in the directory.
  • Participants: Parents whose children are enrolled in and regularly attend religious education classes, or persons who have visited multiple times and have begun to participate in church activities, but who have not yet committed financial support to the church.

Approval of registrations may be delayed if the website administrator needs to consult with other church personnel to determine the eligibility of:

  • Friends who are not listed in the directory
  • Participants