2021-22 pledge

You can submit your pledge for UUCC’s 2021-22 fiscal year by:

Before you submit your pledge, please consider the Fair Share Guidelines below. Please also consider setting up automatic payments.

Online Pledge for 2021-22




Important: Your pledge submission will not be complete until you click the SUBMIT 2021-22 PLEDGE button above.

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Fair Share Guidelines

These UUCC Fair Share Guidelines are adapted from the UUA’s Fair-Share Contribution Guide.

Consider your UU values in thinking about your financial pledge to the congregation, as expressed in the four levels below:

Supporter: UUCC is a significant part of my spiritual and intellectual life that I want to support. My pledge starts at 2% of my income and rises to 4% as my income and capacity rise.

Sustainer: UUCC is my central community; I am committed to sustaining the programs and ministries of my congregation. My pledge starts at 4% of my income and rises to 6% as my income and capacity rise.

Visionary: My commitment is a clear demonstration of the unique importance of UUCC and of my spiritual principles. My pledge starts at 6% of my income and rises to 9% as my income and capacity rise.

Transformer: I am deeply committed to UUCC; my contribution provides fuel for transformation and is part of my spiritual practices in living out my UU Principles. My pledge represents 10% of my income.

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Automatic Payments

Please consider setting up an automatic monthly payments of your pledge from your checking account. To do so, complete the ACH form (PDF) and mail or deliver it to the church:

Unitarian Universalist Church
2615 Shepard Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65201-6132

Alternatively, you can scan the completed ACH form and email it to the Church Administrator.

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