Summer 2022 Religious Education Plans

I often hear non-church-goers say derisively, “People just go to church for socializing.” Underlying this is the belief that the meaningful practice of religion and the development of social connections are two entirely separate things. But within Unitarian Universalism, the creation of deep connections is part of the process of creating the Beloved Community, and it is central to our faith.

The pandemic strained those ties we worked so hard to build, and we been working all year to restrengthen them. We think this is such important work that we plan to devote our summer to continuing it.

While the adults in the sanctuary are going to be doing “Popcorn Theology” all summer, our Religious Education program will spend the summer doing “Popsicle Theology” – enjoying the lazy days of summer, sharing popsicles, having fun, playing together, making friends, and building community. I cannot imagine more meaningful spiritual work for the children of our community.

– Jamila Batchelder, Director of Religious Education