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Overview of UU Dining Group

On breaking bread together

“Breaking bread together is a celebration, an honor to serve, a privilege to be served, and a responsibility for all to share. We share meals as part of our church life. The essential meaning is to develop connections and relationships with individuals in the church.”

– Rev. William Haney, former UUCC minister

To welcome you into our community!

Shared meals have a long and rich history in this church. Many of our members have participated in similar dinners at other UU churches and fellowships. Variations in style and form abound. Some congregations have only a few suppers all year. Others expect monthly suppers, either in their home or at the church. Sometimes they are formal gatherings, often times they are quite casual. No matter how they are organized, they share a common theme: Food, fun, and fellowship!

How are our Suppers organized?

UUCC Dining Group suppers are scheduled for groups of eight each month, October through March, with a break for the all-member Holiday Party in December and the all-member dinner at the church in the spring. Participation is limited to adults. Responsibility for hosting is shared among all members. You don’t have to have a lot of room or a fancy-set table or anything like that. Plans can be made for indoors or outdoors – weather permitting; food can be very simple or gourmet or a mixture. Members will be assigned to a host/hostess who will then contact guests, arrange the date and time and the menu.

What will you be asked to do?

Members make their own food choices consistent with the monthly theme. Guests are asked by the host/hostess to bring the different dishes or perhaps a wine.

If you must cancel, contact your host/hostess as soon as possible. You will still be responsible for seeing to it that your contribution to the meal arrives. Remember, others are counting on it!

A Dining Group dinner at one of the member’s home

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How Do I Join?

We thought you would never ask! Church members and friends may join anytime throughout the year. Dues are $25 for couples and $12.50 for singles. You may pay your dues with a check designated for “UU Dinner Groups” and place it in the offering basket at church. All you have to do is contact one of the following persons:

  • Linda Lou Brown – 573-447-3939 or email
  • Melinda Farhangi – 573-445-6325

These coordinators will make sure you are included in the very next dining opportunity. Arrive on time at the dinner. Relax and have fun!

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2019 Information

In an effort to bring UU adults together in homes of UUs, we will begin another year of “Dinners for 8” in September 2019. The dinners are a great way to get acquainted and experience good food. The dinners are essentially theme potlucks that are organized in advance. Dates for the dinners in September, October, November, January, February and March will be suggested by the host in consultation with the randomly-chosen members of the host’s dinner group.

In early December we will have a Holiday Hors D’oeuvres Party, and in April we will have a Spring Finale. Both events will take place at the church. Drinks for both events and entrees for the Spring Finale will be paid for from our dues.

Right now is a good time to email Linda Lou Brown to let her know you are interested in joining our groups. Please send your name, address and phone number, and let her know if you are able to host one or two times during the year.

Bon Appetit!

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The serving line at an end-of-season gathering of all Dining Group members, usually held in May

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Dining Group Guidelines

Dining Group guidelines may change somewhat from year-to-year. If changes are made, they will be posted here.


  • Please call or email your guests early in the month or the previous month to schedule the dinner.
  • If someone cannot attend consult the substitute list. If no substitute is available, contract other church members, friends or neighbors who would enjoy being part of the evening’s experience.
  • Please be sure to call the other three couples a day or two before the dinner to ask if there are any special needs for their courses and to offer directions to your home. This is also a pleasant reminder of your dinner.


  • When you are to be a guest, and the host has not called or emailed by the second week of the month, contact the host and find out why.
  • When you know in advance that you will be unable to meet a dinner commitment, please call or email the host as soon as possible.
  • Plan to arrive pretty much on time unless a very unusual problem arises, in which case a call to the host is essential.
  • If any food preparation at the host’s home is necessary, check with the host ahead of time.
  • Please try and prepare as much of your dish or dishes ahead at your own home. The availability of heating and warming or refrigeration at the host’s home is expected, however.
  • It is often a good idea to coordinate courses. Guests with side dish or dessert assignments should call or email the main course provider to plan dishes that will complement and not duplicate the main course.

Comments on what to bring or provide:

  • The host serves an appetizer or soup, an appropriate wine, beer or drink with the meal, and coffee. Before- and after-dinner drinks are optional.
  • The couple bringing the vegetable also brings a salad course.
  • The couple bringing the dessert also brings a bread course.
  • If your cooking repertoire does not include food appropriate for the dining group theme of the month, a multitude of recipes for various cuisines are available by searching on the internet. Of course, libraries have many cookbooks as well, and the librarians are always very helpful if you are having trouble.

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