How to Arrange for Copying, Typing, Mailing, Supplies, Etc.

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Typing and Mailing
Office Supplies and Volunteer Workroom


The church’s copier is available for you to do your church copying during church office hours.

Regular expenses for copies are charged to the administrative budget. Special jobs may require funding from your Ministry budget line, for example, for special paper.

We would prefer that you call ahead if you have a copying project to make sure that the office is open and to prevent conflicts. If you have never used our copier, allow time to receive a short lesson.

The Church Administrator can complete copying projects when given sufficient notice. Please allow one week’s notice for completion. Place items in the Church Administrator’s Mailbox.

We prefer that you do not plan to do your copying on Sundays. The copier has been known to break down when you need it most. Plan ahead. But, if you must use the copier on Sundays, the volunteer workroom is open.

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Typing and Mailing

Please try to handle all of your own typing and mailing. With adequate notice, the church office can provide:

  • Postage stamps
  • Paper
  • Typewriter
  • Envelopes and address labels
  • Copier
  • Advice
  • Encouragement

At this time there is no church computer available for volunteer use.

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Mailboxes are provided for committees and teams, board members, and occasionally, other volunteers. The mailboxes are located on the bookshelf outside the Church Administrator’s office.

Please check your mailbox every time you are at the church. Messages and other important information are frequently left in the mailboxes by staff members and members of the congregation.

You can also communicate with others by leaving items in their mailboxes.

Please, READ the things you get in your mailbox! This mode of communication reduces the church’s postage expense.

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Office Supplies and Volunteer Workroom

The Volunteer Workroom was planned with you in mind! It is open on Sunday mornings, during regular office hours, and by appointment.

A key for the volunteer workroom is kept in the upper level kitchen closet.

There are many resource materials available to you in the workroom. Please do not remove materials from the workroom without prior permission. Some of the resources that are provided are:

  • General office supplies
  • Materials for mailings including mailing labels when requested in advance
  • Back issues of the newsletter and orders of service
  • Mid-America Region information
  • Hymnal
  • Policy and procedures manual
  • UUA news and directory
  • Newsletters from other UU churches

You may use the copiers, paper, and other supplies.

If you need to order supplies, contact the Church Administrator or purchase them yourself. You can be reimbursed for supplies that you have purchased for church activities provided your church group’s budget line can accommodate the expense.

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