Jan. 27, 2018 – Founders’ Day Service Auction

Our Founders’ Day Service Auction on Saturday evening, Jan. 27, 2018, was a big success, raising a net of some $4,700 for the church after paying expenses.

More than 80 members and friends showed up to bid on auction items, participate in a raffle, and enjoy fabulous food and awesome entertainment by the Joy Boys, the UUCC Band and invited musical guests. Perhaps most entertaining was karaoke singing by some brave volunteers.

The Auction Team was ably led by Corrine Mann, who also coordinated childcare. Other team members were Lisa Fritsche (communications), Chelsea Otten (auction items curator), Linda Lou Brown (intergenerational liaison), Maria Oropallo (ticket sales and jill of all trades), Scott Denson (entertainment talent scout), and Tim Dickerson (food and beverage manager).

A big shout-out to Broadway Brewery and Les Bourgeois for donating all the beer and wine. And many thanks to all who donated items for the auction and raffle and all the yummy food. Finally, a big thank-you to all the generous bidders who walked away with some amazing items and services!

The event proved to be a celebration of the special talents and abilities of our congregation members – a perfect way to honor our 67th year as stewards of our beloved church!

Scenes from the auction event are shown in the two slideshows below. Click the arrows to see the next or previous photos.

Photos by Andrew Twaddle


Photos by Steve Scott