Bonfire at 2014 Winter Solstice Celebration

Kaleidoscope is an eclectic UUCC group seeking to explore our relationship to the earth and the cosmos through the study and practice of shamanic and ancient religious traditions. By honoring these ancestral practices, we strive to bring ourselves closer to the living world of which we are an inextricable part – to find the divine in nature, and bring that into our daily lives.

Our meetings include fellowship and celebrations based on the agrarian festivals of our pre-Christian ancestors. Through the revival of these practices, we hope to reclaim and renew the sense of sacredness in the natural world. These celebrations fall on days that traditionally mark the beginnings and middles of the four seasons. We hold these services:

• At the Solstices (winter and summer)

• At the Equinoxes (spring and fall), and

• On the holidays that fall between them:

• Imbolc (Groundhog Day)

• Beltane (May Day),

• Lughnasadh (August 1)

• Samhain (Halloween).

This means that we are meeting together roughly every six weeks or so. Each celebration/service is designed to bring us in touch with the corresponding season, and is geared toward understanding how to equate what is currently happening in nature to our existence as human beings.

We hope to aid in the recovery of our planet from generations of callous misuse and ecological injustice perpetrated in our ignorance. Our ethic of ecological justice is a good fit philosophically with the UU Principles, most notably the 4th Principle (“A free and responsible search for truth and meaning”), and the 7th Principle (“Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”).

For further information about our meeting schedule, or if you just have questions, please contact us by email.

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