May 19, 2019 – Celebration Sunday

Worship on Sunday, May 19, 2019, was a day of passages at UUCC as we celebrated our religious education volunteers, our advancing and graduating R.E. students, and the service of our departing Interim Director of Music Ministry and Staff Pianist. We were also treated to several outstanding musical performances.

Director of Religious Education Jamila Batchelder thanked and the congregation applauded all of the volunteers who served as teachers and aides in the R.E. program this year. See a list of the volunteers.

There was a Bridging Ceremony for R.E. students who will advance to the next level and a recognition of four graduating high school students – accompanied by the reading of the customary anonymous letters from their parents and marked by a paucity of dry eyes among the congregants.

For the past two years we have been blessed by the service and musical excellence of Marques J. Ruff, our Interim Director of Music Ministry, and Arun Garg, our Staff Pianist, and they were both recognized and thanked for their service as they prepare to move on to other endeavors.

The slideshow below includes 17 photos from the service, and the video below features a performance by Marques and Arun. In the slideshow, click the arrows to see the next or previous photos.


Marques J. Ruff, accompanied by Arun Garg, performed the anthem, “Somewhere
Over the Rainbow” by H. Arlen, which was arranged by Arun and Marques.