The listening campaign conducted by our Vision In-Reach Task Force led to the development of the following Mission and Vision Statement, which was approved by members at the Annual Congregational Meeting on May 19, 2013.


In the spirit of courageous love, we forge a community of radical welcome and deep connection that moves us together to heal the world.


The Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia:

  • Transforms lives by calling us to deeper connection, service, and spiritual exploration within an uplifting community of diverse beliefs.
  • Lights a moral beacon for Columbia and Missouri by creating intentional welcome, relational solidarity, and compassionate action in response to injustices.
  • Grows in environmental consciousness and advocates for the health of the earth and all living things.
  • Engages our intergenerational community in faith development and lifelong learning with a spirit of curiosity and openness.


Following are explanations of some of the key phrases used in the Mission and Vision Statement:

Courageous Love: Sometimes it is not easy to love the stranger, the homeless person, or even the world. Often it takes courage to stand up for what is right. Courageous love moves us beyond our discomfort and fear.

Radical Welcome: We don’t just tolerate people. We move beyond mere acceptance. We actively work at welcoming everyone. Our inclusivity is radical.

Moral Beacon: We have ethical principles and take stances based on our values. We do not endorse the idea that you can believe anything! We reject the religious right’s claim to be the only moral group, and we lay claim to religious words. We provide a light based on justice.

Relational Solidarity: We will partner with people facing oppression. We will ask what kind of help we can provide. We won’t assume a position of superiority – rather we will approach groups and individuals as equals.

Ends Statements

Based on the Mission and Vision statements adopted by the congregation, the Board of Trustees has adopted Ends Statements that are revised from time to time. The current Ends Statements are:

1. UUCC is a warm and rich community. We live our radical welcome by inviting all who hunger for deeper connection into a mutual journey of growth and transformation.

2. UUCC embodies courageous love by challenging ourselves and working with others to be the change we want to see. Together we move outside our comfort zones as we work for justice and to help heal the world. In particular, we lead in the struggle against racism and for LGBTQ rights, disability justice, distributive justice, and environmental sustainability.

3. UUCC nourishes a spirit of curiosity and open, reasoned, and critical inquiry. To this end, our members and friends of all ages, abilities, beliefs, and life experiences are seriously engaged with a lively process of spiritual growth and continuing education, and their lives are marked by increased wholeness, inspiration, hope, and courage.