How to Operate Our Sound System

Larry Lile, who supervises our Sanctuary sound system, prepared the following video tutorials on how to use the system:

Important: After worship services, make sure the assistive listening receivers are turned off – otherwise, the batteries will run down. Before worship, test the receivers to make sure they are operating, and replace the batteries as needed.

How to Use the Sound System, in General

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How to Play CDs Through the Sound System

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How to Use the Assistive Listening System


  1. When an assistive listening device is turned on, the lights will flash briefly and then go off. However, the device will be working, and the user can adjust the sound level by turning the knob.
  2. Users may be confused if they do not hear something immediately. The devices are connected to the sound system, and if there is no sound currently going through the sound system, they will not hear anything in the headphones.
  3. The devices pick up an electrical buzz when they are near the Sanctuary light switches on the west wall near the doors. Therefore, users should be encouraged to sit up front in the middle of the room for better reception.

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