Stream Team

The UUCC Stream Team has been established by the Green Sanctuary Team to monitor the health of a section of the Hinkson Creek near Capen Park. Church members and friends are invited to help with the monitoring several times a year for as many years as we can keep the effort going. The HInkson Creek is on the federal list of impaired waterways, and the City of Columbia is attempting to clean it up.

We can help by paying close attention to our small section of the Hinkson. We will be measuring the health by sampling the invertebrate life in the stream and by measuring stream chemistry (oxygen content, nitrogen content, acidity, etc.) at different seasons. We will turn in our reports to the Missouri Stream Team Program so that it can be added to the statewide data collection.

Mayfly – click to enlarge

If you join us we will be pleased acquaint you with stoneflies, mayflies, caddisflies, riffle beetles, dobsonflies, dragonflies, sowbugs, aderflies, damselflies, mussels, scud, craneflies, aquatic worms, leeches and pouch snails.

Messing about in the water is also great fun and a wonderful learning environment for children. Our spot by the Hinkson is secluded and quite beautiful.

Be on the lookout for notices of our monitoring expeditions.

The photos in the slideshow below were taken by Stream Team members during several different visits to Hinkson Creek. Click the arrows to see the next or previous photo.