Water Bearers Society is launched

The Planned Giving Work Group of the Stewardship Team has been busy this past year and has launched a renewed planned giving program at UUCC.

During many past Founder’s Day celebrations, we have shared the story of how our founders hand-carried water to nourish the young trees on the site where they planned to build our first sanctuary.  Those founders had a vision to support our church well into a future they only envisioned. You can join this long line of givers by acknowledging your planned gift and water the roots they laid down for future generations of our beloved congregation.

If you have given thought to the financial legacy you want to leave behind, we invite you to consider UUCC as part of that legacy. The Water Bearers Society is a new way our congregation gratefully recognizes those who have committed resources to our long-term mission.

To understand more about UUCC’s Planned Giving Program, go to https://uucomo.org/plannedgiving/.  There you will also find an electronic Intent to Give form to make your commitment known to our team so we can include you in the Water Bearers Society.  You can also contact us by email for more information.

In Service of your Generosity,
Rosie Geiser, Planned Giving Work Group