Faith-to-Action Nomination

The Social Action Team is requesting nominations of recipients for Faith-to-Action collections during the 2021-2022 church year beginning in September 2021. The team asks that nominations be submitted by Oct. 1, 2021.

Nominations can be made online by completing the form below or on paper – WordPDF. (The paper form contains instructions for submission and can also be obtained from the Church Administrator.)

Selection Criteria: Nominees may be local, regional, national, or international organizations, programs, or agencies that align with our church mission and visionPreference will be given to local or regional efforts with which the congregation has an ongoing working relationship. For non-local efforts, preference will be given to those with an established connection to the UUA, UUSC or a regional UU ministry.

Please enter the security code:
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To submit your nomination, you must fill in the Security Code above and then click the SUBMIT NOMINATION button. After you do so, you will be redirected to the home page, you will receive a confirming email message, and your nomination will be emailed to the Social Action Team.