Membership Team

The mission of the Membership Team is to make visitors feel welcome, to guide people into membership, and to facilitate the integration of new members into the life of this congregation.

Welcoming – Every Sunday the Membership Team has a Greeter or Greeters staffing the Visitor/Guest Table to welcome new visitors, to ask them to sign in, and to answer any questions they may have about Unitarian Universalism or about our congregation. They help visitors become familiar with the church, its ministries, and its members.

Guiding People into Membership – After several visits, the team invites visitors who express interest to consider formal membership. They are invited to the next upcoming Membership 101 and Membership 102 classes organized by the Membership Team, and then to participate in an Ingathering Service in which they covenant with the congregation and sign the membership book. For more information on membership, visit the How to Join UUCC page, which includes a schedule of membership classes and Ingathering Services.

Facilitating Integration into the Life of this Congregation – After new members join, the Membership Team will stay in touch with them for the next year or so to help them become integrated into the life of the church.

New Member Ingathering in October 2013

The Membership Team meets once a month to schedule greeters for each Sunday, plan upcoming classes and the Ingathering ceremony, and to check in about visitors and new members. The team would appreciate help in making our congregation a warm and welcoming place. If you are interested, you can email the team.