Annual Giving Campaign was successful

Dear UUCC members, 

Thanks to your generosity, our 2024-25 Annual Giving Campaign, “Breaking Bread, Growing Love,” was an incredible success! The pledge total now exceeds $306,000. Moreover, 40% of our pledging households increased their pledges over the prior year. Also an impressive 11% of pledges were from first-time givers! These new dollars have helped narrow the gap created by members lost, for various reasons, to our congregation.

While we did not reach our $315,000 pledge goal, with some new rentals generating additional income, for the first time in a number of years we will be able to fully fund the budget proposed by our Budget Team and approved by our Board of Trustees.

In a time that is tough for faith communities like ours all across the country, our request for generosity brought excellent results. This is a very good place to be, considering there are always unexpected circumstances and the needs of our community are always changing.

An additional note of gratitude comes from the COMO Mobile Aid Collective for the “fabulous and delicious assortment of bread and muffins” donated by our members to the soup kitchen on the final Sunday of our campaign.  What a tangible way to demonstrate our values and give support to our wider community.

We envisioned that you see yourselves as bakers, making pledges rise like dough to nourish the love of our UUCC church and community. And you came through! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In service,
Susan Even
Annual Giving Chair